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Aug 3, 2011

Exeter City Council Shibaura Choose SG280 Slope Mower

Passing the performance test
Exeter City Council Slope Mower

With the ever increasing pressures on local authorities to perform, save money and also comply with stringent Health and Safety issues Exeter City Council had a tough task to maintain their current high standards and also comply with the safe working angle remit from the HSE. With a multitude of banks within their remit, ranging from small but adjacent to footpaths, awkward banks around housing complexes to large expanses of banks on stadium surrounds all of between 15 and 30 degrees, their choice of machine was a complex issue.

Machinery trials evaluation and research began about 18 months ago and in total eight machines were tested for their safe working angle compliance, vibration emission, ease of use, product support, operator feed back, productivity and cost. This process proved to the authority that that for their particular requirements dedicated bank tractors, although extremely capable and proficient on all the banks in all conditions, were just to big and remotely operated machines, whilst ideal for small steep banks, struggled with the larger spaces. Most machines fell between two categories - too big or too small.

Autumn 2010 saw the introduction of the Shibaura SG280 Slope mower to the UK and Ilminster based machinery dealer Loxston Groundcare, specialist in the provision of bank mowing solutions, had no hesitation in introducing the machine to Martin Abrahams Parks and Open Spaces Officer for Exeter City for appraisal. The authority had previous experience of the reliability offered by the Shibaura brand as they had previously purchased a number of the company’s CM364 Out-front machines. During its demonstration/test period the SG280 machine exceeded all expectations proving it to be an easy to operate machine with excellent stability on all slopes on which it was asked to work. The operators also reported that the Shibaura gave them the confidence and reassurance that it could more than cope with slopes up to thirty degrees with safety. They particularly liked the tilted seat, which maintains a horizontal position at all times.

All involved at Exeter City council are in agreement that not only does the Shibaura SG280 slope mower perform well on slopes but with its 28hp powered diesel engine and 62”rear discharge deck it also offers the purchaser a multifunctional power unit for a variety of amenity area tasks.