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Sep 30, 2011

Leicester City Council's Shibaura Tractors

Ten years of growth
Leicester Shibaura

Leicester Shibaura

Pictured: Operator Sam Kirk,
Stuart Doughty ( Parks manager ), Geoff Lake.

Little did Geoff Lake, recently retired Area Parks Manager for Leicester City Council, know, that when he first decided to take on Shibaura tractors as an integral part of his machinery fleet, he was sowing the seeds for continued future growth for the brand within the UK professional groundcare sector.

Geoff commented “I have been with the authority for around thirty five years and seen a lot of machinery come and go. I have to say that as soon as my staff first sat in the seat of the Shibauras they were really keen to use them. Initially we dealt with Mitchells in Coalville on a contract hire basis and a few years later we decided to opt for outright purchase. I remember, the operators were so pleased with performance and reliability, I think we had one clutch replaced in a five year period, that at one point, we placed an order for nineteen units made up of fourteen 35hp CM374’s all with Muthing flails, four 33hp ST333’s and one 24hp ST324.”

Bryan Elverstone, the Mitchells dealership contact with Leicester City Council for a number of years commented “working with the importer FGM Claymore, Mitchells, as a business, became a Shibaura dealer about ten years ago, following a restructure of their professional product range and I admit that the name was relatively unknown to me at that time. Very quickly we negotiated the first contract hire agreement with the council and based on their proven reliability and the operators liking for them they became the mainstay of the authority’s tractor armoury. I believe that they still represent the UK authority with the most Shibaura products on the books” With a lot of hard work on Mitchell’s employees part Shibaura became a household name in the area and I believe there will be more Shibaura products in this area than any other in the Country. It was a great success for us as a company and that is now carried on by Outdoor Power Tools, the current Area Distributor.

Geoff Lake concluded "if I could describe the Shibaura in a few words it would be reliable and value for money. They just don’t break down very often and we have continued the association through the years, culminating in a recent order to Outdoor Power tools for an SG280 slope mower complete with a Tiltmaster work angle read-out device. Like most authorities, safety issues are a priority to us. The SG280 fits that criterion and together with the Tiltmaster we continue to maintain this element already applied to our ride on machinery fleet. We were the first Authority to have the SG280 proto-type for evaluation and knew immediately that it would do the job brilliantly in replacing our previous specialist machine and importantly, within the limited budget that we had at our disposal”. “Our operators love driving the SG280, it’s easy to drive, comfortable and so sure footed, it’s the most economical way of sorting our slope issue”.