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Jan 9, 2012

Bank tractor proves its worth

Sales of Reform bank tractors continue their impressive upwards growth in the UK with the latest site to convert to the manufacturer, no less than the prestigious Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire where every type of land vehicle is put to the test.

Bank TractorPhilip Loakes, Senior Head Groundsman, charged with the task of maintaining the 700 acre site, commenting on the acquisition of the 59hp Metrac H5X said, “we had used another bank tractor for a number of years and while it was due for change, I admit that a change to another manufacturer was not initially being considered. We had had some issues with the machine and we were persuaded by our local Reform dealer to have a demonstration of the Metracs capabilities and this convinced us that it was by far the best tractor for our particular needs. Driver comfort was better catered for via the wider cab and the Metrac crab steer function more than proved its value on our terrain which includes huge areas of steep banking alongside our different tracks and testing areas”

Ed Scambler of A J & R Scambler who supplied the Reform Metrac H5X added “we are enjoying high levels of sales success based on the Reforms wide ranging capabilities. Millbrook themselves switched manufacturer based on its superior performance and reliability. It will be used to maintain their large areas of steep sloping terrain in addition to being a day to day work horse across a range of other tasks.”

Philip Loakes concluded “Millbrook through the TV exposure afforded by programmes such as Top and Fifth Gear is a high profile site and we have to maintain it to the best possible level. With that in mind, for me, the Metrac H5X is the best option we could have chosen”

Simon Richard the UK Agent for the Reform range concluded” The Reform range is now starting to play a very large part in client’s fleets due to their versatility and 365 day a year work capability. Health and Safety is now playing a large part in customer’s choice of machine and with the Metrac’s capabilities on slopes as good as it is on the flat it is making it a very important consideration.”