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Jul 29, 2013

Versatile, Safe & Reliable Mowers

Northern Ireland Housing Executive has recently taken delivery of four Shibaura SG280 Slope Mowers
Northern Ireland Housing Executive four Shibaura SG280 Slope Mowers

Supplied byBelfast based dealership Cyril Johnston, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive has recently taken delivery of four Shibaura SG280 Slope Mowers.

Commenting on the purchase for the executive, Sidney Harkness said “our remit includes the maintenance of difficult sloped areas of up to 30 degrees and prior to taking delivery of the SG280s we were experiencing particular problems. We were using some equipment that was not really up to the task and other machinery that had been deemed unsafe by the Health & Safety executive. We did have operatives working with strimmers in potentially unsafe situations. The demonstration of the Shibaura by Cyril Johnston staff proved the SG280 to be both robust and safe on our more difficult areas and also convinced us that we would be getting machines that we could use year round for a wide range of additional tasks.”

Brian Bergin, Area Manager for FGM Claymore, who brokered the deal, added. “Operator comfort is a priority and well catered for with low noise and low vibration levels, fully adjustable horizontal rolling seat to compensate for working angle and a twenty six litre fuel tank for more efficient working. The Shibaura N843 Diesel engine delivers stability of power output even under the most demanding workload whilst fully complying with all current emission regulations. The SG280 weighs 890kg with 443kg to the front and 447kg to the rear and this solid 50-50 weight distribution, allied to the 1500mm wheel base and low centre of gravity, delivers the stability and safety of operation required when at work on steep inclines. This machine is a true solution to the work-angle problem and has the benefit of being a replacement in a fleet rather than an ‘add-on’ making it one of the most cost effective solutions for working on slopes”

Paul Butterly, Managing Director of FGM Claymore Ltd, UK Distributor for the Shibaura ride-on range says, “The Shibaura professional brand is recognized for delivering added value and based on the key measures of performance, reliability and safety, we have seen sustained growth in the UK. The range offers cost effective ground care solutions for both the professional contractor and local authority user.”

Sidney Harkness concluded, ” I think that, based on what we have seen so far, we will probably be ordering more Shibaura SG280s in the future”