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Jul 29, 2013

Muli Transporter Makes Light Work of Pitch Restoration

Hampshire based sports surface specialists Kestrel Contractors, take delivery of a Reform Muli T8S multi-purpose transport vehicle
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Supplied through the Loxston Ground care dealership, Hook, Hampshire based sports surface specialists Kestrel Contractors, have recently taken delivery of a Reform Muli T8S multi-purpose transport vehicle.

Peter Loxston said “many sports ground maintenance companies experience major problems with drainage resulting in poor quality playing surfaces. This can damage the reputation of grounds staff and the stadium. To overcome these issues Kestrel devised a unique methodusing bespoke machinery and utilised the very versatile and adaptable Reformselectable permanent 4 wheel drive MuliTransporter. Extensive research and testing led them to choose the 101hp diesel powered Muli T8S, short wheel base version to accommodate their 5000kg hopper and trench filling equipment. ”Large flotation wheels and tyres were added to reduce dead weight and minimisesurface damage. Loxston Ground care carried out the necessary conversion work which included the cab being lifted by 100mm and all control systems being subsequently modified.

Simon Richard the UK agent for the Reform product range added, “the Muli T8S incorporateshigh comfort suspensiondesigned for demand-oriented driving comfort, stability and safety. The electronically controlled hydro-pneumaticsuspension system keeps the wheelposition at the desired level, compensating for any payload. The Muli can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button plus a suspension lock can be activated for lockingand lowering the selected axle giving permanent ground contact four all four wheels. This lowers the vehicle's centreof gravity, making any driving in rough terrain even safer.”

Muli vehicles have a synchronised 40 kph splitting gearbox as standard equipment offering 8 forward gears which can be subdividedinto 16. For slow working mode, an optional finely stepped 24 gear creep speed gearbox is available.The robust,tried and testedReform Muli chassis, consisting of front and rearcarriage connected by a pivoting link, means a wide range of attachments can be accommodated including built-on self-loading trailer, salt and snow spreader container, tipper and many more.