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Aug 19, 2013

Muthing Farmer Mulching System

4 benefits in one mulching operation – Germination of volunteer oilseed rape, reduction of Fusarium, pest control and facilitating of the subsequent seedbed preparation

Muthing Farmer Mulching System

In many parts of Germany the harvest of winter oilseed rape is now complete. Crop losses were unavoidable this time. Because of up to 10 years of germination of volunteer oilseed rape, an uncompromising field clean-up must be performed. Oilseed rape volunteers in subsequent crops must be continually controlled (nematodes and other rape diseases, such as Phoma can continue to proliferate). In narrow crop rotations more oilseed rape germinates from the seed bank as new certified seed. Muthing mulching systems suck up the oilseed rape lying on the ground, crack the pods, put them close to the ground and then cover the heavier grains with the lighter moist layer of mulch. Thus the volunteer rape germinates very quickly. But Muthing mulch systems are also an effective way of controlling diseases, such as Phoma in rape because the rape straw rots faster. This leads to a reduction in disease potential as the food for the fungal growth is removed from base. By crushing the stems the field slugs food source is taken away and it's hiding place, which leads to a significant reduction in slug numbers.

Due to the strong crushing action the rapeseed straw can be incorporated flat for nitrogen pick up and blockage free seedbed preparation.

This gives additional benefits from the one mulching operation with the Muthing mulching system to the new crops for the following year.