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Feb 19, 2014

Metrac H5X passes Tamworth test with flying colours

Tamworth Borough Council's Reform Metrac safely maintains sloped areas to a far higher standard than was previously possible.
Reform MetracA year after taking delivery, through local dealership Sharrocks, of a 59hp 4 cylinder diesel powered Hydrostatic Reform Metrac H5X, Chris Silk, Street Care Manager for Tamworth Borough Council, feels he has more than put it through its paces. He comments "Working with the H5X and Muthing front mounted flail has enabled us to maintain sloped areas to a far higher standard than was previously possible and this, together with far greater operator safety has been a massive plus.
We also use it for amenity mowing on open spaces and football pitches and it has proved to be an excellent follow up machine on our gang mowing route and for maintenance of tall grass and herbage on several nature reserves. We changed to the Reform H5X to have a machine that could be utilised all year round rather than parked up in October to March. It has worked throughout the current winter season combined with a compact side arm flail on small hedges and shrub beds. Reliability has not been an issue and the H5X has given us flexibility when it has been most needed"
On behalf of Sharrocks, Steve Hanlon added "with front and rear pto the H5X is a truly versatile machine and the quality is second to none. Tamworth chose it following a demo in very difficult conditions when it stuck to banked areas like glue. Mechanical two-range gearing as well as the electro-hydraulic option allows four different speed ranges. The low dead weight and centre of gravity combined with constant power hydrostatic drive ensures all four wheels have permanent ground contact even on uneven terrain. Comfort seats, multi-function tilt adjustable steering column, vibration damped driver rollover protection frame, tinted front and side panorama windows, as well as ergonomic & clearly arranged controls, combine to provide operator comfort to the highest standard.
Simon Richard, UK Agent for the Reform and Muthing ranges says "The Metrac H5X is a critically safe machine; manoeuvrable, versatile and well-suited to working on slopes and for the widest range of grounds maintenance tasks. We are certainly seeing an increase in demand based on their multi-functionality and lifetime cost benefits. The balanced weight distribution and crab steer function are the ideal combination to enable the operator to work safely at angles of up to 45 degrees"