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Jun 25, 2014

Contractor takes Reform Metrac H5X bank tractor for utility work

Bourne, Cambridgeshire based dealership, A J & R Scambler & Sons, has supplied a 59hp, 4 cylinder, diesel powered, hydrostatic drive, Reform Metrac H5X bank tractor to professional contractors P G Farm Services.




Speaking for the contractor Peter Goodchild said “we work for Thames Water, maintaining steep sloped reservoir banking at a number of their sites between Chingford and Walthamstow. The Metrac H5X, which is our first from the Reform range, has replaced a competitor machine and is primarily for that work. Thames Water will not tolerate any surface damage to reservoir banking and we have found the compact H5X with its light footprint and even weight distribution, when used in conjunction with Muthing front and rear offset flails, to be the perfect solution.”

Ed Scambler added, “Constant power hydrostatic drive and low centre of gravity combine to make the Metrac H5X a critically safe and versatile power unit, suited for working on slopes of up to 45degrees, plus a wide range of other grounds maintenance tasks. We are certainly seeing an increase in demand based on the Metrac’s multi-functionality and lifetime cost benefits. The suspended front axle ensures all four wheels provide permanent ground contact even on uneven terrain. Additionally an inching pedal means the operator can work around trees, shrubs etc., with confidence and depending on the task, selection can be made between four wheel, front wheel, rear wheel or continuously adjustable crab steering mode”

Ed Scambler of  A J & R Scambler & Sons says, “The compact dimensions and performance capabilities of the four speed, diesel powered, hydrostatic drive, Metrac 59hp H5X bank tractor, cover all eventualities for the amenity, utility, contractor and golf sectors”