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Jun 4, 2015

Reform Metrac H7SX proves it’s worth

Bishop Aukland based contractors Cleartrack have had their Reform Metrac H7SX for just about a year now and proprietor Richard Batson says, “it has really proved itself to be a year round multi-use piece of kit for our business.


We chose the 70hp Hydrostatic drive, diesel engined H7SX because it packs the optimum power into the size of tractor we can transport on our 7.5 ton transporter and the standard Metrac rating for safe operation at up to 45 degree angles, combined with superb all round visibility, has been a real plus where operator safety is concerned. First year attachment usage of the front and back pto has alternated between a Muthing flail mower, log splitter, winch, a McConnell side arm flail for hedge and grass work and we also have a snow blade attachment.


The bulk of our work is for local authorities and maintaining steep banking for both Northumbrian Water and the Environment Agency and I can say we have had no negative issues with the H7SX. It really is the ideal combination of compact size, power and year round performance, and for me, it does prove the point you get what you pay for”


Simon Richard UK Agent for the Reform range added “local authority users will be attracted by the range of work tasks the H7SX offers them. The proven Hydrostatic drive with mechanical two range gearing as well as the electro-hydraulic splitter, allows four different speed ranges. Maximum speed is 36 kph with 31“standard tyres. A low centre of gravity combined with constant power hydrostatic drive, provides maximum ground contact and the suspended front axle ensures that all four wheels have permanent ground contact even on uneven terrain. Additionally an inching pedal means the operator can work around trees, shrubs etc with confidence.

Comfort seats, tilt adjustable steering column, a vibration damped driver rollover protection frame, tinted front and side panorama windows, as well as ergonomic and clearly arranged controls, combine to provide operator comfort to the highest standard. Like all Reform two axle power units the H7 SX has hydrostatic steering with "load sensing" which is switchable between the four different steering types. Depending on task, selection can be made between four wheel, front wheel, rear wheel or continuously adjustable crab steering mode.”