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Apr 5, 2011

Reform Bank Tractors - The Right Choice

“Where our work on banking is concerned our needs are quite specific requiring a combination of performance, functionality, reliability and operator safety”

Tim Glover owner and founder, in 1985, of West Dereham based CGM Ltd (Country Grounds Maintenance) offers a wide range of professional grounds maintenance, design, construction and landscaping services to a diverse client base predominantly in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Tim comments “a high proportion of our contract work falls into the specialist bracket such as maintaining large areas of river, stream, lake and pond banking, some of which can be severely sloping. This allied with the work we undertake on highways and in urban areas led us to source dedicated specialist equipment. We have employed a range of different power units over our years in business and it was four years ago that, following, discussions with and demonstrations by our local dealer A J & R Scambler, we took the decision to invest in two Reform H6 Bank Tractors”

Tim continued “where our work on banking is concerned our needs are quite specific requiring a combination of performance, functionality, reliability and operator safety and we were convinced that, when compared directly with alternatives, the H6 was the right choice for our business. Multifunctionality is important and yes we wanted a dedicated bank tractor, but with the Reform H6 we also got a tractor that brings so much more to what we can offer clients on a range of other tasks.

We decided that, for the really hard work on a mix of steep banking, tree plantations, and also the flatter areas it was the ideal machine for our needs. The multitude of available attachment options also helped to influence the decision. The wide range of tasks we undertake includes maintenance of steep banking, cut and clear, wild flower plantations and even some hedge cutting. In certain work areas space is at a premium and we felt the Reform H6 gave us far more options and benefits including compactness, front & rear pto and importantly, operator safety on steep slope work.

The topography of our area means we are often working on wetter ground and the wide stance and light ground compaction of the Reform is a real plus. The Hydrostatic drive has mechanical two range gears and electro hydraulic two level switching and the hydrostatic steering has a load sensing facility which is switchable during motion to utilise the Reforms ‘crab steer’ function. It is a lot more machine for our investment“.

Ed Scambler of A J & R Scambler commented “with the increased emphasis, both on operator safety and machine functionality I am seeing an increasing demand for the Reform Bank Mower range. With pressure on budgets and frequency of cut, both Local Authorities and Contractors are looking for machinery that delivers on life-time costs and the Reform range ticks all the boxes”

Tim Glover concluded “the decision to go with Reform was not taken lightly but was definitely the right one for our business and we have since also added a Reform H4 to our fleet. The Reform tractors offer a number of specific benefits compared to other manufacturers such as the final drives on the axles to me seem stronger and a more efficient type of axle.

They produce a lot less strain on the drive train. Also, having two oil tanks to protect the Hydrostatic unit from contamination in quick release couplings to me was a must. We use a lot of external hydraulics and the possibility of contamination to the Hydrostatic unit was a serious worry but with the Reforms two tanks we don’t get that. The cabin is very well laid out and very user friendly offering the operator an excellent working environment. There is also a tool box behind the seat. The lift capacity with the Reform is also greater than the other machines we looked at and most importantly the PTO power to engine power ratio is superb, with only a tiny drop in power level. With price levels where they currently are this has a huge benefit to our business in controlling fuel costs. Also spares have never been an issue”

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