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Grass cutting on slopes “the basics”

  • Understand the main causes of accidents on slopes 1. Machines traversing a slope in excess of its safe working angle, causing it tip over. 2. Machines tipping over backwards caused by over loading and or driving up a slope to steep. Implement carried too high on 3-point linkage. 3. Traction breakaway most common descending a slope. Forward speed will increase faster than the rotation of the wheels causing a “tobogganing effect” and complete loss of control. Caused by too steep a slope poor condition of tyres too heavy a load. 4 Lifting units whilst on a slope with Self-propelled cylinder mowers and Bat wing mowers.
  • Be able to evaluate safe working angles and machine suitability
  • Know the limitations and manufactures safe working angles for your machine If it exceeds it don’t use it!
  • Understand the effects on stability and traction with various changes in ground condition.eg long wet grass, short grass with grass clipping on the surface. soft, hard or friable and loose surfaces, dips and rabbit holes etc.
  • Carry out a risk assessment for each specific job.
  • Ensure the machine is maintained as per manufacture specification. Tyres in good condition with correct pressures.
  • Ride on machines fitted with ROPS should have lap belts. Do not use restraining belts without ROPS being fitted.
  • Be aware when ROPS are fitted the stability of the machine is reduced. Check with manufactures specification.
  • Whilst traversing a slope at the end of each run always turn with the heaviest part e.g. mower deck facing uphill.
  • Ensure 4WD is engaged (if fitted) before you access the slope.
  • Understand the use of differential locks when they are appropriate to use
  • Be very aware of the changes in the Cof G when lifting and lowering units on self-propelled cylinder mowers and Bat wing mowers. These machines are very unstable with units lifted. On no account should you lift and lower units while on the slope, lower units on the flat and then drive on the slope.
  • Operate the machine as if on Ice, no sudden speed or direction changes.
  • Remember stay within the manufactures safe working angles for the machine, if you don’t know find out from the machine manufactures and fit a Tiltmaster inclinometer to find out the angle of the slope.

Factory approved Trainers

Brian Marshall Tel 07811 410616
Simon Richard Tel 07836 733776

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