MUTHINGRear Mounted with Off-set

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MU-E/S 60HP side mounted

Rear mounted – for tractors up to 60HP

Standard Equipment

Made from High Quality Steel QST/S with 2 position Head Stock Cat. I + II for Rear mounting.

Gear box with integrated over-run clutch for 540r.p.m

P.T.O. shaft Belt protection with tension measuring slot

High tempered “M”Scoop Flail with self-sharpening cutting edge to ensure a clean cut and maximum shredding using less power

Well balanced Rotor with specially formed flail lugs to protect against damage from obstacles and internal bearings protecting against dirt, wear and tear

Self-cleaning Roller with well-rounded edges to preserve the soil and turf and to carry the mulcher, adjustable to different heights; Wearing skids.

Auto Break back system

Optimised distance between the outer rotor circle and the roller guarantees perfect contour following and an even quality of cut

Purposely designed hood in conjunction with high rotor and cutting speeds and removable shredding bar spreads the shredded material evenly behind the roller giving excellent Mulching and Shredding Quality

Side Shift range from centre of tractor from 860cm – 1360cm


Second shredding bar

Wearing plate inside the hood (additional weight from around 20 kg (120 cm) up to 35 kg (200 cm )

Shackle “M” Carbide flails

Front or Rear mounting ( Please state )

Left or right build ( Please state )

Product Specifications

Model WW cm Tractor HP Weight kg No. of flails
MU-E/S 120 120 60 485 20
MU-E/S 140 140 60 510 24
MU-E/S 160 160 60 540 28

MU-E/S 60HP side mounted

MU-E/S 60HP side mounted

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