MUTHINGFront or Rear Mounted Flails

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MU-M 600

Rear mounted Hydraulic Folding
For Tractors of 140-250hp

Manufactured from High Quality QSt/E Steel, hydraulic folding with three point linkage Cat II +III.
4 wheels 23x10.50-12, 360 ° rotating with mechanical height adjustment.
Gearbox with integrated over run for 1 000 rpm.
Automatic belt tension.
Hood Wear plates.
Hydraulic transport lock at an angle of 90 degrees
High tempered “M" Hammer Flails.
Smooth running rotor with specially shaped, spirally arranged blade holders
Patented removable shredding bar – System: “Shark fin”
Carbide wear skids, replaceable.
High tempered one way spring steel protection flaps in front of the mower hood Purposely designed hood in conjunction with high rotor and cutting speeds and the removable shredding bar spreads the shredded material evenly behind the mower giving an excellent Mulching and Shredding Quality
Hydraulic connection requirements: 2 single acting
Heavy Duty PTO shaft with cap bottom lubrication
Set of warning signs / lighting LED mounted


Second patented removable shredding bar – System: “Shark fin”
Hydraulically driven central mower. Hydraulic Requirements: 1 Single Acting with free return and 1 x free return for the drain line directly into the oil tank (Delivery time on request) Working Hour Meter

Product Specifications

Model WW    
width cm    
Tractor HP    
of flails
MU-M 600/F      600 620 250 2,700 52

MU-M 600

MU-M 600

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