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MU-SOFA Weight Transfer Kit

Hydraulic Weight Transfer for Front Mounted Flails

The hydraulic weight transfer” MU-SOFA" by Müthing stands for:

S = Safety during transport and work

O = Optimisation of traction (tractor) and weight of the attachment

F = Flotation of the Flail Mower during transport and work

A = Adjustment continuously of the Flail to various ground conditions

The Müthing MU-SOFA can be installed into all known hydraulic systems of existing front hydraulic 3 point linkages.

Installation time is about 4 hours:

The hydraulic kit is designed to:

Help the steering capability of tractors in work with front mounted attachements

To reduce bouncing during transport.

To optimize perfect contour following giving an even and high quality of cut.

To reduce Running Costs (bearings, wearing parts etc.)

To save expensive accessories (e.g. front mounted wheels).

MU-SOFA Weight Transfer Kit

MU-SOFA Weight Transfer Kit

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