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SG280 Slope Mower

High power, low center of gravity and wide tread ride-on rotary mower enables you to work comfortable over steep inclines


High displacement, high output Shibaura N843 diesel engine complying with exhaust emission regulations of 28 hp.
Optimal functions for easy operation and maneuverability.
Low centre of gravity for stability and safety.
Equipped with horizontal tilting seat capable of adjusting to an incline of up to 30 degrees.
Wide variety of grass collectors and deck options to suit individual needs.

Description of SG280A

Ride on Slope Mower SG280 is designed for mowing on slopes to enable you to finish your jobs faster,easier and with more safety. A high efficiency Shibaura N843 engine complies with exhaust emission regulations.
The mower is equipped with a horizontal tilting seat capable of adjusting to an incline of up to 30 degrees for your quick and easy operation.

Click here for tips for cutting on slopes and certificated training

Product Specifications

Length (mm) 2495
Width (mm) 1590 / 1910(With mower)
Height (mm) 1200(Steering wheel) / 1730 ( Frame )
Wheelbase(mm) 1500
Front Tires 21 x 11.00 - 10
Rear Tires 21 x 11.00 - 10
Front track tread(mm) 1310
Rear track tread(mm) 1310
Lowest ground clearance(mm) 140
Weight(kg) 770 / 930(With mower)
MODEL Shibaura N843
Type -Cylinder 4-Cycle water cooled diesel engine
Displacement(cc) 1496
Power [kW (PS) / rpm] 20.6 (28) / 2500
Battery 75D26L
Fuel tank Capacity (L) 26
Brake Drum
Steering Hydraulic power steering
Shift L:(4WD) H:(2WD)
Speed / Forward(km/h) L:0-9.0 H:0-18.0
Speed / Reverse(km/h) L:0-6.0 H:0-12.0
Width of cut(mm) 1524
Height of cut (mm) 34-110
Number of Blades 3
Capacity(a/h) 64 (Speed 6.0km/h / Efficiency0.7)

SG280 Slope Mower

SG280 Slope Mower

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