Woods Batwing Cutters

Woods Batwing Cutters

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Over 50 years ago, Woods® introduced the original flexwing rotary cutter, the Batwing®. It instantly became a household name for flexwing cutters. Why? Because you needed a rugged piece of equipment that could tackle the toughest rural mowing jobs … and the Batwing delivered.

This meticulously engineered attachment has a cutting capacity ranging from 3,8 cm to 11,4 cm in diameter taming unruly waterways, pastures, and roadsides.

Cutting Width Cutting Height PTO Horsepower Info Manual
Batwing® BW12 Batwing® BW12 3.66 m 5–30 cm 35 hp minimum Download PDF .pdf
Batwing® BW15.50 Batwing® BW15.50 4.60 m 5–38 cm 45–200 hp .pdf .pdf
Batwing® BW15.60 Batwing® BW15.60 4.60 m 5–38 cm 55–275 hp .pdf .pdf
Batwing® BW15.70 Batwing® BW15.70 4.60 m 5–38 cm 65–300 hp .pdf .pdf
Batwing® BW240 Batwing® BW20.50 6.10 m 5–38 cm 70–200 hp .pdf .pdf
Batwing® BW240HD Batwing® BW20.60 6.10 m 5–38 cm 70–300 hp .pdf .pdf
Batwing® BW20.70 6.10 m 5–38 cm 70–300 hp .pdf .pdf

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