Rear Discharge Mowers

Woods Rear Discharge Mowers

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For those who demand a professionally groomed lawn, Woods® high-performance finish mowers ensure a clean, crisp, manicured appearance year after year. Every rear-mount model offers the best features within our full line of finish mowers. Designed for speed, Woods finish mowers help you maintain a beautiful lawn in less time.

These 3-point mounted finish mowers are designed to mow from 2,5 cm to 14 cm in height, whether mowing large lawns, sports fields, or parks.

PTO Horsepower Cutting Width Hitch Category Info Manual
RDC54 Rear Mount Finishing Mower RDC54 15-25 hp 54 in CAT 1 .pdf
RDC54 Rear Mount Finishing Mower RDC60 15-35 hp 60 in CAT 1 .pdf
RDC54 Rear Mount Finishing Mower RDC72 20-35 hp 72 in CAT 1 .pdf
PRD6000 15 – 40 hp 152,4 cm CAT 1 .pdf .pdf
PRD7200 20 – 40 hp 182,9 cm CAT 1 .pdf .pdf
PRD8400 25 – 40 hp 213,4 cm CAT 1 .pdf .pdf
RD990X 45 – 75 hp 228,6 cm CAT 1 & 2 .pdf .pdf

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