Landscape Rakes

Woods Landscape Rakes

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Woods landscape rakes are built with superior durability for tough clean-up jobs, as well as fine raking features for lawn care and general maintenance. Use this rugged tractor attachment to remove chunks from a fresh landscape or to rake sticks, rocks and gravel from grass. You will work for years with this landscape equipment.

High-strength, box-type beams hold spring-steel tines one-inch apart for superior material collection and a smooth, even grade.

Adjustable angles and a 360 degree pivot help you control the flow of material to left, right or center.

Choose the optional gauge wheels for better depth control, and the optional parking stand to make it easier to attach to your tractor.


Tractor Engine HP Tractor Hitch Working Width Info Manual
LRS52 up to 30 hp Limited Cat 1 & Cat 1 132,1 cm .pdf
LRS60 up to 30 hp Limited Cat 1 & Cat 1 152,4 cm .pdf
LRS72 up to 30 hp Limited Cat 1 & Cat 1 182,9 cm .pdf
LRS72P 20 – 45 hp Cat 1 182,9 cm .pdf
LRS84P 20 – 45 hp Cat 1 213,4 cm .pdf
LRS96P 20 – 45 hp Cat 1 243,8 cm .pdf

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