Rear Blades

Woods Rear Blades

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Woods® rear blades are built strong and tough for a variety of work such as grading dirt or gravel, cleaning construction sites or cattle yards, and moving snow. A formed moldboard made of high-strength steel is exceptionally rigid and strong, and pivots 360 degrees. Reversible, bolt-on cutting edges are easy to replace and help your blade last for years.

Premium (P) models have extra thick, tall moldboards for carrying the maximum load in every pass. Premium models also have tilt and offset capabilities for advanced grading work.

Available in widths from 134,6 cm to 202 cm and for tractors up to 45 horsepower so you can find the right model for your jobs.

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Tractor Engine HP Tractor Hitch Working Width Info Manual
RBS54 up to 30 hp Limited Cat 1 & Cat 1 134,6 cm .pdf
RBS60 up to 30 hp Limited Cat 1 & Cat 1 149,9 cm .pdf
RBS72 up to 30 hp Limited Cat 1 & Cat 1 180,3 cm .pdf
RBS60P 20 – 45 hp Cat 1 149,9 cm .pdf
RBS72P 20 – 45 hp Cat 1 180,3 cm .pdf
RBS84P 20 – 45 hp Cat 1 201,8 cm .pdf


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