Woods Turf Batwing

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Discover the premium cut quality that makes Woods® the undisputed leader in finish mowers. You will look forward to using and maintaining your equipment with features that focus on your drive to get more done.

With a mowing width ranging from 3,66 meters to 5,18 meters, the Woods Turf Batwing® helps you maintain a beautiful lawn in less time.

PTO Horsepower Mowing Width Mowing Height Info Manual
TBW144 30 – 80 hp 3,66 m 2,5 – 12,7 cm .pdf
TBW180 35 – 80 hp 4,57 m 2,5 – 12,7 cm .pdf
TBW204 40 – 80 hp 5,18 m 2,5 – 12,7 cm .pdf

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